Printed Kaftan

Printed Kaftan

We manufacture Printed Kaftan for West Africa, especially for Tanzania and Kenya, we use our own brand to sell kaftan and we have beautiful designs and we use best quality fabric, we manufacture kaftan in cotton and polyester fabric.

In Cotton fabric, we have a different quality which ranges from 120 GSM – 160 GSM quality and Polyester fabric there is 80 GSM – 130 GSM.

  • High-Quality printing machinery.
  • We use environment-friendly color.
  • Quality Report


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Fabric Size

S, M, L, XL, XXL

Custom Sizes

Fabric Quality

80 GSM – 150 GSM

Minimum Order

2000 Pieces Single Design

4 Color Combination

Container Load

256 Pcs = 1 Parcel

20 ft include 165 Parcel

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