Kente Print Fabric

Kente Print Fabric

Kente print fabric is used especially in East Africa, it’s also called Ghana Kente print fabric, kente is one kind of print fabric, but its look’s more attractive compared to Angel print and Real wax print. Kente print is connected to Ghana country culture and they prefer kente print.

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Kente Print Fabric

What is kente cloth?

Kente is not just a piece of cloth. It serves as an iconic visual portrayal of West Africa’s history, ethics, philosophy, oral literature, religious convictions, social ideals, and political outlook. Once known as “king’s cloth,” it is now available to the general public in a variety of forms and fabrics.

Among all African textiles, kente cloth is probably the most well-known.

A Royal Touch

Pihoo offers standard quality kente cloth material to our customers. Initially, the usage of kente was limited to Asante royalty and special social and religious ceremonies. Even as production has expanded and kente has become more widely available to individuals outside the royal court, it remains linked with wealth, social standing, and cultural expertise.

Kente cloth was traditionally kept for royal family members due to these characteristics. Even today, when a new layout is created, it must first be presented to the royal family. Kente cloth is entirely a handcrafted product. There is no machine involved. It takes a lot of skill sets to make it.

Pihoo Textile Quality And Material Of Kente

The Akan tribe in Ghana designed silk and cotton fabric known as kente, which is formed of interwoven textile strips by Pihoo Textiles. In Akan nations like the Ashanti Empire and in Ivory Coast, Akans produce kente. Many other communities who have been influenced by the Akans also wear it.

Our Kente Fabric is often woven with a cotton-rayon blend, but the most unique and treasured pieces are weaved with silk yarn. A traditional print and a unique blend of vibrant colours make up an ethnic kente print and to offer the best fabric is our priority to export it in the US and France.

Originally, kente cloth was the preserve of royalty and was worn only at joyous social or ceremonial occasions so we provide the royal touch to the kente cloth fabric . Its use for making clothing accessories was limited to items deemed sacred or special and were used for only special occasions. Our Kente prints can be used For kaftans, tunics, skirts, dresses, and tops.

Pihoo textiles Ghanaian Kente cloth is probably Africa’s most prominent and esteemed textile, associated with riches, high social standing, and cultural refinement. Each individual shape, pattern, and colour are woven into kente cloth and convey a specific message, such as a narrative, anecdote, or subject. Wearing kente may indicate a clan or a specific set of ideals to Ghanaians.

Who can wear kente cloth?

The wearing of Kente was once reserved for the king and powerful chiefs, but it is now acceptable for other Asante to do so on formal occasions. Currently kente is no longer for only royals, it’s for all people of social status. Anybody can afford it and buy kente.

Kente is currently manufactured into commercially sold hats, scarves, ties, stoles, shoes, bags, sandals, shirts, and other stylish stuff.

Usages Of Kente Cloth

Our Kente cloth is the best known from all African cloths. Kente is reserved for particularly important and special social or religious occasions, according to akan tradition. It was never intended to be worn or used for everyday activities.

Kente is frequently used for holy purposes. It can be given as a special present during rituals and ceremonies such as child naming, puberty, graduation, marriage, and soul-washing.

One of the most remarkable icons to emerge from the expanding Afrocentric movement is kente cloth, which emphasises the relationship between America and the African continent.

When used in décor and furnishings, kente cloth is sometimes woven using traditional methods, while other times it is expertly designed and printed to look like the real thing, as shown in the mill-woven gold/yellow and indigo/red colorways of kente cloth seen below. Our Modern colours and hues reflect contemporary taste and colour trends and may not represent any traditional colour symbolism at all.

Colour and pattern became extremely significant, and both colours, patterns, and motifs were imbued with symbolism. Colours, patterns, shapes, and names work together to create a tale, an anecdote, or a theme, or to represent the wearer’s clan, its history, and its unique set of values. We provide various patterns and wax prints of kente.

Pihoo textiles Kente fabric is undoubtedly the most well-known African textile exporting fabric to the Western world.


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Kente Wax Print Fabric
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Kente Print Fabric Manufacturer in India
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Kente Print Fabric Manufacturer
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Fabric Size

6 Yard

12 Yard

Custom Sizes

Fabric Quality

80 GSM – 220 GSM

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4000 Meter Single Design

3 Color Combination

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12Y X 50 Pcs = 600Y (1 Parcel)

6Y X 100 Pcs = 600Y (1 Parcel)

20 ft include 210 Parcel

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